RBP SRL company roasts and packages "Revello" coffee products. Not only we follow the methodologies and meet the standards required by current legislation - specifically LEGISLATIVE DECREE n. 155/97 (HACCP); all the raw materials are carefully selected in order to offer to our customers only top-quality products, in which all the organoleptic properties are preserved. Our mission is to discover all the unmistakable fragrances of each varietal of coffee, because we want to spread the culture of seeing the ritual of drinking coffee as a moment of relax and, above all, gathering.

The origins of our roasted coffees

CONGO: Produced in the North-Eastern part of Congo, this Robusta coffee is exported by Mombasa. Mombasa’s coffees are cleaner, they have bigger sieve and less flaws. They are easily distinguishable because of the lighter color of the whole-beans.

BRASILE (SANTOS): Brazilian Coffees are known on the market by the name of their place of origin, and the thin Arabica coffees are called Santos after the Port of Santos, one of the most important for coffee trading in the world. The best Brazilian CRU originate sweet arabica, balanced and with a richer flavor.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (ARABICA): Coffees from Santo Domingo are named after some areas of production, like “Barahona”, “Cibao”, “Bani” and “Ocoa”. The “Barahona” and the coffee grown in high grounds are widely appreciated. They have a coarse texture, a good flavor and a sweet taste, for top quality blends.

NICARAGUA (Arabica): Produced in the mountain ranges of Jinoteca and Matagalpa (the best). Fragrant coffee with a full-bodied, medium acidity and very sweet scent.

KILIMANIARO (Arabica): Being a plantation-coffee grown on Kilimanjaro’s spurs, this coffee benefits from the specific microclimate there and the manufacturing technique, which make of it one of the best “gourmet” coffee in the world. When roasted its elegant, flat, long beans of the “tipica sumatrica” variety produce a vaguely sweet yet sharp scent. The brewed coffee is complex: full bodied, with fruity and winey notes and with an aftertaste of roasted almonds. It is perfect for high quality espresso blends, as the Kilimanjaro enriches the blend enhancing its bouquet, creaminess and mellowness.

MONSOONED MALABAR (ARABICA): Farmed in Kerala (India), and exposed to the monsoonal heat and humidity, this coffee takes a yellowish shade and keeps the scents of its place of origin. Low acidity and good body.

ROASTING: The coffee-roasting process maintains the characteristics of the pure green coffee beans. Low capacity machines are used to perform a traditional long roasting, giving to the final product its full scent, fragrance and aroma. For packaging, only the best materials are used, without the addition of modified atmosphere, the best storage and odor impermeability is granted.