The combination of different Arabica varieties with a low percentage of Robusta gives an aromatic blend with an intense flavor.

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Intense and full-bodied flavor, with a good persistence. Thich and uniform cream in the cup.

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Intense aroma and sophisticated body, this blend has an immediate flavor with unexpected fruity notes. A coffee blend with a touch of glamour.

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Rich but sophisticated body, defined taste, best with little or no sugar.

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Intense bouquet, made with a selection of different Arabica. Good body, lighter because of its acidity, balanced bitterness.

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Our Brand-New Blend! Savory and intense taste. Spicy aroma, strong to the palate, leaves a long lasting and round aftertaste. Mostly Arabic with very little Robusta. Creamy look, a gift that keeps on giving.

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Several times a year we check our blends and each variety we roast for aflatoxins, especially Ochratoxin A. Moreover, all our suppliers of green coffee beans test the imported lots, and can certificate their analysis. We devote the utmost attention to improve and develop our products for the costumers who appreciate the quality and professionality we put in our work, and bring to their homes, cafeterias and offices, our brand.